Carrie Jahde

Drummer, Composer, Educator

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“ exceptional drummer...the dance floor was filled with high-steppers matching the beat of the lively songs.”

--Burney Garelick - Suislaw News

"The group’s collective sound is so energetic everyone was bobbing in time with the beat. ... Their upbeat fusion of jazz mingled with Cuban, Brazilian and American accents has developed quite a following among patrons."

--Sarah Griego Guz - Half Moon Bay Review

"Carrie Jahde tastefully provides rhythms that are sophisticated and warm, driving and taut, swinging and straight-ahead, whatever is needed. She makes all those styles sound easy."

--Duane Toole - The Hymn

"Carrie is very adept at Funk, Latin, and Jazz, as well as many of the dialects of these musical forms. ...I believe the fuel to Carrie's fire is her love of the music."

--Tony "Thunder" Smith - Jan Hammer Group, Lou Reed

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